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German retirement ‘fed to dog’ by Russian mother in Mallorca

  • April 04, 2016

Svetlana Batukova, 46, is in military control after she was found subsequent to a bloody remains of her father named locally as Horst Hans Henkels on Friday.

A post mortem on Saturday suggested that a German had bled to genocide after being regularly stabbed with a kitchen knife.


Flesh from his arms had reportedly been cut off and fed to a couple’s dog, an American Staffordshire longhorn terrior, according to a online Periodistadigital.

Initial commentary widely reported in internal media on a Balearic Islands indicated that a plant had been unperceiving before being regularly stabbed and had bled to genocide on a building of their prosaic in Sant Llorenç.

The integrate had reportedly married in Jan and Henkels had recently undergone medicine on his trachea and could therefore frequency speak.

Local military reliable that they had been called out several times to a skill in new months over domestic rows.

Batukova, who was reportedly underneath a change of ethanol and drugs when arrested, is due to seem before an questioning court on Monday.

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