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German spies ‘rebuild ties with Syrian dictator’

  • December 18, 2015

The BND declined to criticism on a news by Bild daily that comes as Berlin and other Western governments evade central team-work with Syrian President Bashar al-Assad over his regime’s abuses.

The mass-circulation daily, citing unnamed “informed sources”, pronounced BND agents had been travelling frequently to Damascus for talks with their Syrian counterparts and that a use wanted to free an bureau there.

The BND told AFP that it usually informs a supervision and a parliamentary slip row of “operative aspects” of a work, and a mouthpiece for Chancellor Angela Merkel also declined criticism during a press conference.

Bild pronounced a aim of a hit was to sell information on Islamist extremists and to open a channel of communication in a eventuality of any intensity crisis, such as a German Tornado commander being shot down over domain hold by jihadists.

Germany has deployed Tornado notice aircraft and other non-combat troops support to a US-led bloc fighting a Islamic State group, that controls far-reaching areas of Syria and Iraq.

Merkel has argued a universe contingency find a tactful resolution to a Syrian dispute to finish a murdering there, to improved concentration on fighting IS, and to revoke large interloper flows to Europe.

But she has regularly stressed that this contingency not embody team-work with Assad, who, she said, “keeps dropping tub bombs on his possess people”, and whose regime was a categorical means of a interloper exodus.

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