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Munich Airport streaks forward of Berlin with driverless trains

  • February 22, 2016

It was, Bavarian financial apportion Marcus Söder pronounced proudly, a start of a “new epoch in locomotion”.

While this matter competence sound a tad hyperbolic, there is no doubt that a initial exam tour of a driverless sight during Munich Airport underscores a slickness and modernity of a Bavarian collateral in comparison with a Germany’s other vital cities.

Only Bavaria’s second city, Nuremberg, can explain to contest with Munich, carrying lifted a screen on possess a possess programmed sight complement in 2008.

At Munich airfield 3 driverless trains, any with 4 carriages, will ride passengers between check-in during Terminal 2 and a new satellite terminal, set to open in April.

The new growth will have 52 gates portion around 11 million passengers annually, providing a serve bonus to a already filthy-rich collateral of Weisswurst and Lederhosen-land, and is set to open in April.

The news has been perceived with an mocking grin in Berlin, where general visitors are still welcomed into a “capital of Europe” during a communist-era tin shed, differently famous as Schönefeld Airport.

For years now Berlin’s attempts to finish an general atmosphere heart estimable of a city’s name have done it a shouting stock, as formulation mishaps and building failures have brought a association behind a plan to a knees.

But Berlin daily Tagesspiegel finds comfort in a fact that a shambolic collateral had a driverless sight prolonged before Munich – behind in a 1980s. Unfortunately, a sight came off a marks in 1988 and a plan was abandoned.

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