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‘Our relatives told of a Berlin Wall. We’ll tell of GEMA deal’

  • November 01, 2016

“I’m finally authorised to watch Die Antwoord’s videos in Germany. GEMA appreciate you!” wrote Lilli S on Twitter.

User Busterbeans pragmatic that Tuesday was a day of freedom, essay “this is what this is what a subject of GEMA brings to my mind.”

Meanwhile user Jenny commented that “finally” she could watch her favourite video by Ghost Town.

Up until Tuesday, Germany was one of a world’s many restrictive countries in terms of entrance to song videos. But this all altered when YouTube announced a understanding with performing rights classification GEMA to compensate when people tide song in Germany.

YouTube users in a nation had for years been confronted with a red sad-face emoticon and messages announcing “this video is not accessible in Germany” when perplexing to perspective videos trimming from a latest cocktail clips to films with GEMA-controlled credentials music.

Now a blockages should mostly be a thing of a past.

On Twitter a story was a series one hashtag in Germany by Tuesday afternoon, as thousands of people voiced their glee.

Not all took it so seriosuly though, with user Noel DE observant a similarity to a finish of a Cold War, tweeting: “Our relatives tell stories of a GDR and a tumble of a wall, we’ll tell a kids what it was like when YouTube and GEMA came to an agreement.”

Even critical news outlets done a story one of their tip articles of a day.

Hard-hitting news site Spiegel’s lead title on a online homepage admitted “what a finish of a prolonged quarrel means for YouTube users” above a ensign design of cocktail star Macklemore.

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