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Refugee Scientists and Academics: DFG to Facilitate Participation in Research Projects

  • December 24, 2015




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The Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG, German Research Foundation) skeleton to assistance scientists and academics who have fled their home countries to attend in DFG-funded investigate projects and so minister to a formation of refugees in investigate and society.

DFG President Professor Dr. Peter Strohschneider has presented a package of measures to a Joint Committee of Germany’s largest investigate appropriation organisation. The simple aim of these measures is to concede supplemental proposals to be submitted for existent appropriation projects that would capacitate a appearance of competent researchers or those in training.



“The formation of people who have been forced to rush in fear of their lives is a avocation for all groups in society. The educational and investigate community, that has always been formed on honesty and plurality, can and contingency do a part,” pronounced Strohschneider. “Although we can't contend for certain how many, it is certain that a people now entrance to us as refugees embody researchers during a training theatre or people already determined as researchers. We know this from enquiries that have already been sent to a DFG per appropriation opportunities.”

To use DFG supports to assistance urge a conditions during slightest a small for interloper scientists and academics, there is no need to set adult new appropriation programmes, a DFG President continued. In fact, there is already range within existent plan appropriation to confederate competent people into saved projects. In particular, this can be achieved by supplemental proposals for existent projects, that a strange field are giveaway to contention in certain resources – for instance if additional researchers, whose appearance would move additional advantage to a research, turn accessible after a plan is approved.

“We wish to specifically inspire all aloft preparation institutions and plan leaders to make use of these additional opportunities,” pronounced Strohschneider.

Various petrify options are accessible to refugees with an educational investigate background. For a short-term formation of refugees during all educational gift levels, supplemental proposals can be submitted for guest funding. For a longer-term formation of determined researchers, a Mercator procedure is a suitable option. This can be used to cover accommodation and transport costs and also yield arrangement during a turn which, as with guest funding, is formed on educational qualification. Both guest appropriation and Mercator appropriation can be practical for in all DFG appropriation programmes. The bill for this will be contingent on a series of people who can be integrated in saved projects in this way.

Refugee scientists and academics can also attend in Research Training Groups, Collaborative Research Centres and other DFG-funded concurrent projects. The financial resources for this do not have to be specifically requested with a supplemental proposal; suitable measures can also be financed from formerly authorized funds. For example, refugees with a bachelor’s grade or allied gift can accept a subordinate brotherhood for after doctoral investigate in a Research Training Group or be supposed directly into such a group.

Project leaders and aloft preparation institutions are obliged for determining how researchers should be integrated in a project, pronounced a DFG President. It is also adult to a aloft preparation institutions to work out a authorised details, such as estimation of educational education or a signing of brotherhood or practice contracts.

Strohschneider concluded: “We as a DFG wish to emanate a financial and organisational horizon indispensable for appearance in a projects we account in an efficient, stretchable way. We are assured that this will make a certain grant to a formation of refugees in the investigate complement and the society.”


Marco Finetti
Head of DFG Press and Public Relations
Phone +49 228 885-2230
E-Mail: Marco.Finetti(at)

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