Sausage quarrel breaks out during Mercedes shareholder buffet

It is good famous that Volkswagen serves adult some of a best currywurst in a land in a canteens. In fact in 2015 a uneasy automobile manufacturer sole some-more sausages than cars.

But a bangers served adult by opposition Daimler – primogenitor association to Mercedes – can’t be all that bad either, if a greeting of shareholders during Wednesday’s AGM is anything to go by.

The conditions was already moving during a morning’s QA between house and shareholders, after news emerged progressing in a day that Deutsche Umwelthilfe (German Environmental Help) was holding authorised movement opposite a oppulance automobile maker.

When it came to a lunch buffet, though, a association was certain it had all sufficient covered. 12,500 sausages had been bought for a 5,500 attendees – simply dual each.

But one miserly shareholder, who’d clearly never listened of a prisoner’s dilemma, took such a fondness to a juicy wurst he skilfully packaged a few additional into his bag to nip on later.

Unluckily for him, a associate shareholder speckled a acted of trick and let him know in no capricious terms what she suspicion of it. The following written sell got so nauseous that a association motionless to call in a police.

“We called in a military to mediate,” Manfred Bischoff from a house of directors said.

The lady who speckled her associate shareholder bootlegging divided extrawurst reported him to a military for scornful her.

Bischoff warned that subsequent year there could be consequences.

“Either we need some-more sausages or we’re going to do divided with them completely,” he said.

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