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Seven drinks to comfortable adult during Christmas markets

  • December 17, 2015

Let’s face it: with many of Germany’s Christmas markets using from late Nov until a large day, you’ll substantially finish adult visiting some-more than once.

So it’s a good thing there are copiousness of comfortable beverages around to keep we feeling festive.

Here are a tip Christmassy drinks we’d suggest while we try this year’s markets – presumption we don’t mind removing a bit tipsy, of course.


Photo: Hannah Butler

Many of us have guzzled too many of this things in Christmasses past.

But if a ambience of Glühwein is starting to make we feel a bit nauseous, don’t worry: a few quirky varieties have been attack Christmas markets in new years.

Orange or apple and cinnamon are renouned variations. And if you’re some-more of a white booze person? That’s also cool. White Glühwein is a thing now. What a time to be alive. 

Glühwein mit Schuss

Photo: Valentos SG / Flickr Creative Commons

So you’ve been erratic around a marketplace for a while. Your fingers are frozen, your head’s buzzing and unchanging Glühwein usually won’t cut it any more. You need something that’s unequivocally going to comfortable a soul.

Happily, many stalls also offer adult a classical splash with a shot of rum or amaretto, customarily usually for €1 extra.


Photo: marcos ojeda / Flickr Creative Commons

Glühwein competence be a sermon of thoroughfare during a German Christmas markets – though once you’ve confident a annual urge, how about a potion of Eierpunsch?

Eierpunsch is a brew of egg yolks, sugar, white booze and vanilla. Sometimes with a shot of Eierlikör (egg liquor).

It sounds positively disgusting, we know. But hey: when in Germany…

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Photo: Hannah Butler

What: celebration booze with vodka during 2pm isn’t a normal behind during home?

A Scandinavian creation, Glögg is quick apropos an establishment during German Christmas markets.

It’s mostly served with dejected almonds and raisins – and a bit of a kick.


Photo: Gourmandise / Flickr Creative Commons

Cinnamon booze can be enjoyed all year turn – though there’s really something enchanting about sipping this Christmassy-spiced provide during a bustling market.

Zimtlikör is mostly churned with fruit juices, tea, coffee – or even comfortable milk.


Photo: DPA

“Feuerzange” are fire-tongs – a essential apparatus when scheming this burning Christmas drink.

To make Feuerzangenbowle, a rum-soaked sugarloaf is set land and authorised to season into a vat of mulled wine. 

The splash gave a name to a 1944 German cult comedy “Die Feuerzangenbowle,” formed on a 1933 novel by Heinrich Spoerl.


Photo: DPA

It’s like a love-child of Germany’s dual many famous drinks.

Like Glühwein, this gratifying drink is served warm, and flavoured with Christmassy spices.

It’s mostly churned with cherry extract to give it that particular dim red hue.

Basically, it doesn’t get many some-more German than this.

By Hannah Butler

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