The Integration Puzzle: What a Million Refugees Mean for Everyday Life

As Germany attempts to confederate hundreds of thousands of refugees from a Middle East and Africa, SPIEGEL met with people around a nation and acted some elementary questions about a new residents, their formation and ubiquitous hurdles for German society.

What’s working? What isn’t? How many will it cost? Why go to all this trouble? And how do we design things will spin out in a end? We spoke to 22 group and women who face these questions each day and asked them about their experiences, perspectives and a hurdles they face.

Michael Schürks, 54, teaches self-defense classes in Berlin.

Why do we learn women how to hit, Mr. Schürks?

SPIEGEL: How’s business?

Schürks: I’ve been doing this for 8 years, though a direct for my courses has never been aloft due to a New Year’s attacks in Cologne. That unequivocally altered a world.

SPIEGEL: What are a women who come to we fearful of?

Schürks: They’re fearful of being raped and injured. There was a lot of that in Cologne, as there mostly is when we have a vast series of group and a tiny series of women and a ethanol is flowing. It doesn’t matter where a group are from.

SPIEGEL: What do we learn women?

Schürks: Highly effective earthy self-defense. we uncover them how to strike an assailant where he is many vulnerable, regardless of how clever he is.

SPIEGEL: Pepper mist sales are adult too.

Schürks: we would advise opposite that. With weapons, you’re constantly relocating them behind and onward in your bag, so you’re always reminded of violence. That’s poisonous for your peculiarity of life.

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