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Trump’s tip EU collect warns German media of ‘seismic shift’ in ties

  • February 03, 2017

After final year’s Brexit opinion for Britain to leave a EU, he told Der Spiegel that “you can roughly put any dual letters in front of a word exit”, suggesting any of a other 27 member states could be next.

In early excerpts of an talk to be published in full Saturday, Malloch also expected “seismic shifts” in US-European family underneath Trump.

He pronounced Trump elite to understanding bilaterally with European countries rather than a confederation as whole, adding that “frankly, this also gives us a top hand”.

He also reiterated his perspective that a European common banking was a mistake and that, if he were operative for an investment bank, he would “bet opposite a euro”.

European Parliament leaders on Thursday urged a EU to reject Malloch if he is named Trump’s envoy to Brussels, job him antagonistic to a bloc.

The leaders of a categorical parliamentary groups pronounced Malloch, whom they called Trump’s expected choice, has plainly corroborated a retraction of a European Union most like a fall of a Soviet Union.

“These statements exhibit vast rancour per a values that conclude this European Union,” they wrote.

Trump himself called Brexit “a good thing” final month and expected that other countries would follow Britain out of a bloc.

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