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‘Unusual’ serial rape suspect arrested in Berlin

  • July 16, 2020

Investigators in the German states of Berlin and Brandenburg confirmed Wednesday they arrested a suspected serial rapist on Tuesday night. The man is accused of raping or attempting to rape eight women since June 12.

Police first identified the suspect on Monday before the 29-year-old was arrested a day later.

He was accused of preying on victims in wooded areas on the edge of the capital and in the neighboring state of Brandenburg. Three of the rapes were described as “serious.”

At a press conference, police spokespeople said the identification and arrest of the man “explained” the spate of rapes in the area over the last month. Detectives in the city of Potsdam carried out a large operation before the arrest took place.

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Police and prosecutors from the states of Berlin and Brandenburg give a press conference

‘Demonstration of power’

The accused man greeted the victims in a “friendly manner” before using force to subdue them.

“That’s how he demonstrated his power,” the head of the state office of criminal investigations, Norma Schürmann, said at a press conference, according to German broadcaster RTL.

The suspected rapist’s method was described by a police spokesperson as “rather unusual.” He said he wanted to “look after” the women in question and wanted to “date” them. He gave his bicycle to one woman in the Brandenburg town of Kleinmachnow so she could get home after the alleged rape took place.

The prosecutor confirmed the man was set to be arraigned on Wednesday, given the seriousness of the accusations.

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