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WATCH: This is how Germany ‘introduced’ Trump to a country

  • February 03, 2017

After a Dutch comedy show’s video went viral recently, introducing Donald Trump to a “best denunciation in Europe” and a “fantastic” hack park, a Germans have taken their possess gash during explaining their nation to a American leader.

In a video uploaded to YouTube on Thursday, comedian Jan Böhmermann jokes that he was angry that a Dutch had asked to be “second” in Trump’s “America first” mentality.

“Stop Holland! We wish to be series two,” Böhmermann exclaimed. “Because we are strong, we are big, and who else if not us deserves to be given a third chance.”  

Böhmermann afterwards went on to explain that they had to make their summary “as elementary as possible” for Trump since “he does not read”. So a uncover used a Trump imitator to recount a video in a president’s “own language”.

The comedic “introduction” by a Federal Republic of Germany includes job a Dutch “dangerous”, describing Oktoberfest as a “best beerfest God ever created”, and referring to Germans peeing out drink as Bud Light.

The video also highlights Germany’s FKK nudist culture, Freikörperkultur, or literally “free physique culture”.

“America has a KKK, Germany has a FKK. Pussies everywhere, so great. It’s like being backstage during a Miss Universe pageant,” a anecdotist states, a transparent anxiety to reports that Trump would boat into manifestation bedrooms while women were changing for a beauty contests he owned.

When a anecdotist goes on to regard German leaders, a video shows footage of Adolf Hitler, assenting his “great hair, good suit”.

“He done Germany good again,” a anecdotist states over a clips of Hitler. “The media totally desired him, wrote usually good things about him… Steve Bannon positively loves him.”

The voice also brags about how Germany started “the best World Wars in a world.”

“And we won both of them – bigly. Anyone who says anything else is feign news. Period.”

Moving into a country’s post-War and Cold War history, a anecdotist boasts of a country’s rebuilding.

“We built a good German wall. Just built it. And we done a Russians compensate for it. It’s true.”

Perhaps a slightest accurate partial of a video is when a anecdotist starts to praise Chancellor Angela Merkel, who Trump has criticized for “ruining Germany” with her magnanimous interloper policy.

Would Trump like her “even some-more than Melania”, as a Böhmermann video suggests? Time will usually tell, and so distant a initial scheduled meetinf of a dual leaders will be during a G20 limit in Hamburg in July.

This is not a initial time Böhmermann has taken aim during Trump – or a unfamiliar personality for that matter. In his viral video “Be Deutsch”, a satirist used a hashtag #MakeGermanyGreatAgain, referring to Trump’s possess slogan. He also sang about “maniacs with disagreeable hair… we have already been there,” in nonetheless another comparison of Trump to Hitler.

But Böhmermann found himself in general authorised difficulty when he wrote a satirical poem about Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan. The Turkish personality unsuccessfully attempted to have Germany launch a full rapist procession opposite Böhmermann underneath a small used law that prohibits scornful unfamiliar leaders.

But only final week, Merkel’s cupboard voted to discharge this law – so Böhmermann seems protected now with his skewering of Trump.

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