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Work tough and learn German or remove benefits, refugees told

  • February 01, 2016

“If we come to us seeking insurance and wanting to start a new life, we have to hang to a manners and values,” Nahles wrote in an op-ed for a Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung.

“If we vigilance that we can’t integrate, your advantages will be cut.”

Nahles combined that migrants’ gratification payments should be related to their assemblage during German denunciation classes and to their behaviour.

Anyone seeking assistance in Germany contingency “bring all of their abilities, their strength to work and their possess property,” a Social Democratic Party (SPD) politician said.

Nahles also announced that she had tasked her method with producing a new breeze law on formation to condense bureaucracy and set aside money resources to account a process.

Meanwhile, a apportion also incited her glow on migrants from inside a European Union.

Newcomers from a EU should mount on their possess feet – “and not rest on amicable advantages right from a start,” she wrote, adding that this had never been a thought behind leisure of transformation in Europe.

Nahles concurred that by distant a largest suit of EU migrants did work and acquire their keep after nearing in Germany.

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