Doctor Sleep Went Old School Instead Of Relying On CGI, And That Was Awesome

All of the actors playing characters from The Shining inject the spirit and the essence of those classic haunts into their portrayals, and that helps keep me and the audience rooted in the film. If I can believe that Danny Torrance is talking to his father’s spirit at The Gold Room’s bar, I don’t care that Henry Thomas isn’t a spitting image of Jack Nicholson. Thomas, as well as co-stars Alex Essoe and Carl Lumbly, all inhabit their Shining characters perfectly in Doctor Sleep, and as an added bonus, they resemble their predecessors quite closely. But again, without having the heart and spirit of those roles in their performances, nothing would have been able to convince me those characters were there.

Article source: https://www.cinemablend.com/news/2484430/doctor-sleep-went-old-school-instead-of-relying-on-cgi-and-that-was-awesome

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