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Every Musical That Has Won An Oscar For Best Picture, Ranked

  • April 19, 2021

8. Oliver! (1968)

Remember how I just said that Going My Way didn’t really feel like a musical? Well, that’s only because I compare it to movies like Oliver!, which is like, full-blown musical with a capital M. Based off of the British stage musical (which is also, of course, based on the Charles Dickens novel, Oliver Twist), Oliver! (which has an exclamation point at the end like mother!) is about an orphan who becomes a street urchin. And yes, the book is much better. The film just feels kind of bland in comparison.

The film won at the 41st Academy Awards and also won for Best Director (Carol Reed). It actually beat Funny Girl with my girl, Babs, which I actually think is the far better musical. But again, I think that just goes to show how popular musicals were back then. Not one, but TWO musicals were up for Best Picture. Looking back, it almost makes me want some more musicals. Oh, well.

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