Jake Gyllenhaal Recalls Almost Playing Spider-Man When Tobey Maguire Got Injured

Before Tom Holland, there was Andrew Garfield. Before Andrew Garfield, there was Tobey Maguire. Before Tobey Maguire? There wasn’t really anyone who had brought a live-action Spider-Man to mainstream audiences. Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back novelization writer Donald F. Glut and Nicholas Hammond portrayed the character in an unauthorized 1969 short and a 1977 television series, respectively, but Maguire was the first to bring him to the big screen in Sam Raimi’s films. Interestingly, Jake Gyllenhaal almost shared these bragging rights.

Article source: https://www.cinemablend.com/news/2475815/jake-gyllenhaal-recalls-almost-playing-spider-man-when-tobey-maguire-got-injured