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This Rotten Week: Predicting Spider-Man: Far From Home and Midsommar Reviews

  • July 01, 2019

Recapping last week: 

I only went one-for-two with predictions last week, because I whiffed big on Annabelle Comes Home (Predicted: 31% Actual: 70%). I officially can’t figure this doll out, or the franchise as a whole. The first Annabelle scored a 29%, but the next two peaked at 70% on the dot, with the rest of the Conjuring franchise hitting anywhere from the mid-80’s to the low-20’s. In this latest, helmed by current horror-magnet Gary Dauberman, Annabelle getting stored in the house didn’t cause narrative issues (unbelievably) and critics were mostly on board. I really can’t believe it, but this one was a big miss.

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