Kit Harington Reveals Jon Snow Will Always Be His Favorite Role: GoT ‘Gave Me My Wife’

In a new interview, Kit Harington revealed that he’ll love portraying Jon Snow ‘more than any other character’ he’ll ever play.

Jon Snow may know nothing, but Kit Harington is well aware of how special his iconic role was for him, his career and his future family. In an interview with Sunday Today, just hours before the long-awaited premiere of the final season, the Game of Thrones actor talked about how their won’t be another part like the King of the North. “Thrones, it’s given me possibly my future family; it’s given me my wife; it’s given me friends for life,” he said. “It’s got a character I love, I will love, more than any other character I’ll ever play.

And while filming has since wrapped, he still finds it hard to summarize how he’s feeling about the show coming to an end. “There isn’t a way of saying thank you to it enough,” he added. “There never will be and I think that comes back to the question of, ‘How do you feel now that it’s finishing?’ Well, there aren’t words to describe how I feel about it.”

Kit also talked about meeting his now-wife Rose Leslie, who recently crashed his opening monologue on SNL and Apr. 6, and what they have planned now that the show is over for Kit. “It happens that we met in the show, and we’ve always tried not to be defined by that a bit,” he said. “It’s just a job we met on. And I think once the show finishes, we get to kind of break free of it a bit and just be us, which is a really nice feeling.”

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