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“My work is tangible by general conflicts”

  • April 14, 2016

I can never contend where we will spend a subsequent few weeks. That’s simply partial of my pursuit as conduct of Malteser International’s Emergency Team. Whenever people knowledge hardship somewhere in a world, shortly thereafter we will substantially fly there and coordinate a service measures. Following a tsunami in a Indian Ocean in 2004, we lived in Indonesia for roughly 3 years; thereafter we went to Ethiopia for dual years since of a famine. Since 2014 my work has been tangible by general conflicts. In new months we have been to Iraq, Turkey, Lebanon, Nepal and Ukraine. A core group of 4 permanent and roughly 20 independent experts work in a Emergency Relief Department during Malteser International. With a sum of 
20 inhabitant offices, Malteser International is represented all over a world. It is a avocation of puncture service to supply people in need as fast as possible: in a initial instance, this involves medical treatment, though it afterwards also means provision water, food and spotless products. Since 2014 we have helped over 200,000 patients in a margin hospitals, mobile clinics and health stations in Iraq, Lebanon, northern Syria and Turkey. we indeed graduated in communications studies and wanted to be a journalist. However, we didn’t wish to usually write about disasters, though actively urge a situation. That’s because we became an puncture service worker. Our work is critical and worthwhile. Nevertheless, we contingency never forget that it doesn’t solve conflicts. Only politics can do that.” ▪

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