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NYC mayoral race favorite Eric Adams privately seeks partnerships with business leaders

  • July 31, 2021

Executives are relieved at what they see as Adams’ pro-business message.

“The fact that he’s focused on public safety, good management, data driven management and creating a business friendly and wealthy friendly climate” are all factors that have encouraged executives to speak to Adams, Wylde said. She added: “We haven’t heard that message in many years.”

Business leaders hope they might have their best chance at working with the mayor’s office after years of battles with de Blasio, Wylde and several others said to CNBC.

Another executive said business leaders are hopeful that Adams, a retired police captain and the current Brooklyn borough president, would usher in more private-public partnerships. 

Evan Thies, a spokesman for Adams, told CNBC in an emailed statement on Wednesday that the Democratic candidate for mayor believes a happy business community will help the City prosper.

“In order to grow our economy and recover from Covid so that the unemployed and working class New Yorkers can prosper, Eric believes it is critical to create a positive business environment for economic partners who will provide the jobs, training and internships New Yorkers need,” Thies said.

A spokesman for de Blasio did not respond a request for comment before publication.

The general election is set for Nov. 2. Adams’ GOP opponent is Curtis Sliwa, the founder of anti-crime group the Guardian Angels.

Wall Street dollars backed Adams in a big way during the primary. A super PAC backing Adams received more than $4 million from executives in the finance sector, including Steve Cohen, Dan Loeb, Ken Griffin and Stanley Druckenmiller.

Adams is also embarking a “thank you tour” to laud those who supported him, another person with direct knowledge of the matter explained. He has already been in touch with union leaders and charter school advocates. 

The super PAC backing Adams was run and partially funded by proponents for charter schools. A person familiar with Adams’ interactions says that although he hasn’t thanked executives for giving to the PAC, he has been in touch with some of them about working together if he becomes mayor.

Adams received endorsements from dozens of unions, including being ranked second by the influential New York State Nurses Association.

These conversations “will give him [Adams] some leeway if he does something that they don’t agree with, they at least know he’s a friend,” a person with knowledge of these discussions told CNBC. “Great messaging and great politics on his end.”

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