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The vessel people

  • December 18, 2015

How identical a cinema are. Motivated by fear of misery and terror, people risk their lives and stand into packed boats. Often there is not adequate food or celebration water; mostly their boats upset and they drown. All this has happened before: in a late 1970s. Communist North Vietnam had won a fight in 1975. The degraded South Vietnamese were threatened with nuisance and re-education camps. Over 1.5 million people felt a usually approach out was to rush opposite a sea.

The cinema of what became famous as vessel people triggered a call of support in Germany. In 1978 Lower Saxony’s Minister President Ernst Albrecht, a father of today’s Defence Minister Ursula von der Leyen, was a initial to acquire Vietnamese refugees into his sovereign state. Shortly thereafter publisher Rupert Neudeck founded a private service cabinet called “A Ship for Vietnam”, franchised a freighter Cap Anamur, refitted it with donated income and sent it towards Vietnam. Over 10,000 Vietnamese came to Germany around this track alone. They were a initial refugees who migrated to Germany from outward of Europe.

One of a best-integrated newcomer groups

Today, Vietnamese are regarded as one of a best integrated newcomer groups in Germany. They insert good significance to education. Their children and teenagers have above-average grades in school, mostly apropos doctors, engineers or businesspeople later. That also advantages German-Vietnamese relations. Many second-generation returnees now occupy heading positions in politics, business, enlightenment and multitude in Vietnam.

International Migrants Day on 18 Dec 2015


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