Serena Williams Appears Devastated As She Loses Australian Open Quarterfinal To Karolina Pliskova

Serena Williams was one point away from winning her quarterfinal match at the Australian Open when it all went wrong, and the tennis pro is taking it hard.

Serena Williams, 37, made heartbreaking faces as she lost a match to the Czech Republic’s Karolina Pliskova, 26, at the Australian Open quarterfinal on Jan. 22. You can see the photos below. It looked like Serena would finally earn her 24th Grand Slam title after having a 5-1 lead in three sets, but Serena’s rolled ankle helped pave the way to Karolina’s victory with scores of 6-4, 4-6, 7-5. As Serena was photographed leaving the match, sports journalist José Morgado claimed that the tennis pro was “crying on her way out,” but has since deleted the tweet.

Fans are mourning right alongside Serena, furious about the umpire’s call on a foot fault (before her rolled ankle, Serena was just one point away from leaving the court as the victor). “What had actually happened and will get swept under the rug: Serena Williams is the only tennis player who ALWAYS has to do a juggle act with bullsh*t calls from the f***ing cracker umpires,” one fan tweeted. Another fan bounced off that suspicion, writing, “A foot fault called on match point. It’s ridiculous what @serenawilliams has to put up with compared to other players. #ausopen #serenarobbedagain.”

Many believed that not only were Serena’s four matches wasted, but her chance at revenge against Naomi Osaka. After the 21-year-old representative from Japan beat her at the U.S. Open in Sept. 2018, fans have eagerly awaited a rematch — hopefully, before today’s loss, at the semifinals for the Australian Open. Now, Karolina will face off against Naomi on Jan. 24.

Serena Williams Australian Open
Serena Williams lost to Karolina Pliskova at the Australian Open quarterfinal on Jan. 22.
Serena Williams initially had a 5-1 lead, but was called on a foot fault and rolled her ankle.

Karolina reflected on the win and what went wrong on Serena’s end. “I think she improved her game in the second set, went for her shots. I got a little tight, played too passive,” Serena’s opponent said on the courtside, according to The Guardian. “But I’m standing here as the winner, so I’m happy. My mind was in the locker room at 5-1 down in the third. I didn’t have many chances. She got a little bit shakey in the end and I took my chances. I’ll be ready for tomorrow. We’ve played a few times. She’s had some great times since the US Open.”

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