Teresa Giudice Letting Joe Fight Deportation On His Own — ‘He Put Himself Into This Mess’

Joe Giudice reportedly made the big move from federal prison and into ICE custody, but there won’t be a seismic shift in Teresa’s life as well. ‘Nothing will change’ even after Joe’s prison release, and for very specific reasons.

Teresa Giudice, 46, is not taking extra measures to overturn husband Joe Giudice’s deportation order, even after he was released from prison on March 14. “Teresa is busy living her life and nothing will change once Joe goes to ICE except for the place she and the girls will go to visit him,” a source EXCLUSIVELY told HollywoodLife. After serving a 41-month sentence for mail, wire, and bankruptcy fraud charges, Joe was reportedly transferred into the custody of U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), according to TMZ. ICE officials told the outlet that Joe will remain there until he gets to appeal his deportation order in court. In the meantime, “Teresa hasn’t done anything herself to get Joe released,” our source said, referring to both Joe’s time in prison and (allegedly) in ICE custody, and added, “She truly believes he put him and their entire family in this mess to begin with.”

But the Bravo star is far from ignoring the issue at hand: her marriage with Joe. “Teresa met with divorce attorneys a few months ago, but not again recently. She’s getting information,” our source revealed, after Teresa confirmed she’d split with Joe if he was indeed deported to Italy during part three of the Real Housewives of New Jersey reunion special that aired on March 6. “Teresa is fully aware of everything going on and it’s very important to her that the girls’ lives remain normal,” our source explained, referring to Teresa and Joe’s daughters Gia, 18, Gabriella, 15, Milania, 13, and Audriana, 10. “She’s doing her absolute best to shield them, especially the youngest one Audriana, from what’s actually going on. Teresa only lets the girls visit Joe on the weekends when it doesn’t disrupt their activities.”

Teresa has no intention of uprooting her children’s lives in America, which she made clear during the RHONJ reunion. “If Joe in fact does get deported, which Teresa believes will most likely happen, she will be supportive of the girls visiting and will take them,” our source added, but they won’t be making monthly trips across the pond. “Realistically, they won’t be going more than once or twice a year during the times where they don’t have school,” our source predicted. And for that reason, Teresa hopes that Joe gets himself out of this legal mess — he’s certainly trying to. “Teresa knows Joe is doing everything to fight this and truly does hope he doesn’t get deported for the sake of the girls,” our source added. “Her heart is breaking for her daughters.”

Teresa’s focusing on her family after she revealed why exactly she was “angry” with Joe in part two of the RHONJ reunion. “Of course I’m angry with him. I went to jail. I went to jail. Yeah, of course I’m angry,” Teresa explained to host Andy Cohen, as she had served an 11-month prison sentence for the same charges as Joe. But she wasn’t just peeved about sitting behind bars, as she also missed out on quality time with her mother, Antonia Gorga, who passed away in March 2017:  “I also didn’t lose my mom at that time. Andy, I have a small family. I only have my brother, my mother and my father, and my daughters. That’s my family. I’m angry that I came home [in March 2016] and 8 months later, I lost my mom.”

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