‘World Of Dance’ Recap: [SPOILER] Gets The First 100 Of The Season In The Cut

Jenna Dewan makes her triumphant return to ‘World Of Dance’ as a mentor to dancers in the first round of ‘The Cut,’ plus someone gets the first 100 of the season!

It is here, The Cut round of World Of Dance! After weeks of hard-fought duels, the final acts took the stage. Recall, in this round of the competition, mentors are assigned to each division to prepare the contestants for their performances. The top three scoring acts in each division move on to Divisional Final. This week, excitingly, former host Jenna Dewan returned to World Of Dance to mentor the competitors. There are currently six acts left in each division, so they will literally be cut in half! First up, mentored by judge Derek Hough, was Jonathan Y Jorge who knocked it out of the park! Jennifer Lopez saw improvement from the male duo, but felt that they could have cleaned things up a bit, however, their mentor Derek felt they really did clean things up! The duo opened up the show with a strong 90.7 from the judges.

Derion and Madison took the stage next with their stunning choreography that was Derek-approved! After their emotional performance filled with gorgeous lifts, the judges were on their feet applauding the couple. “The strength, the power, the thoughtfulness in the choreography — that was sensational!” Derek complimented. There was no negative feedback from the judges, and the scores reflected it — it was a 94.7 for Darian and Madison!

South Korean duo All Ready was next and absolutely delivered a fun routine, like always. The ladies, who got the highest score in the duels, opted for a J.Lo-like look for their performance, which of course Jenny from the Block loved. The women gave an unpredictable, funky performance that was different from any others they’ve done. All Ready used their skirt as a prop and it was great. While Ne-Yo felt this wasn’t their best routine, J.Lo loved their “gangster” vibes. When it came to scoring, All Ready received straight 92’s from the judges, putting them in second under Derion and Madison on the leader board.

Canadian dancer Briar Nolet went next and the judges were excited to see her fierce performance after winning the Redemption Round! While showing Derek what she planned for her routine, the judge’s jaw was on the floor watching her flips and jumps! While dancing to “Ashes” by Celine Dion, Briar didn’t just have Derek won over, but the rest of the judges as well! Her raw performance, and jumps into splits had Jennifer Lopez, in particular, clutching her chest. “YES!!!!” Derek stood up and screamed after the performance, while Jennifer wiped away tears. “Briar…” J.Lo said, literally gulping back tears. The judges were quick to compliment Briar and her score reflected their love for her! It was a 96 from J.Lo, a 97 from Derek and a 93 from Ne-Yo, giving her a 95.3 and sending her to the top of the leader board! Sadly, this sent Jonathan y Jorge home from the competition.

Next up was Italian tap duo, the D’Angelo Brothers! Recall, while rehearsing for The Duels, one of the brothers broke his hand, but they know the show must go on! The guys decided to show their relationship – the good, the bad and the ugly of brotherhood – with their routine, which mentor Derek Hough definitely related to with his sister Julianne Hough. The guys performed a strong act, and even did an a capalla piece and let each other go one at a time. Jennifer disagreed with Ne-Yo again, telling the boys the routine gave her Goosies — and you know what that means! When it came to scores, Derek ave a 93, J.Lo gave a 92 and Ne-Yo a 90, giving them a 91.7. Unfortunately, they needed a 92 to go ahead. We’re sure this isn’t the last we’ll see of the D’Angelo Brothers! At the same time, Derion and Madison are officially safe!

Poppin’ John changed things up with an emotional performance dedicated to his beautiful wife! He revealed that he met her in Mexico and it was love in first sight. So sweet! Dancing with a red, heart balloon, the famous popper impressed the judges with emotional, yet swaggy dance. The judges loved it, and in a super close score, Poppin’ John surpassed All Ready and made it through to the Divisional Final!

First up in the Junior Team division, was the VPEEPZ, who worked with mentor Jenna Dewan on their routine to Billie Eilish and Vince Staples “Burn.” The crew kicked off the group division with one of the best performances of the season, keeping it super clean, without any tricks. VPEEPZ absolutely blew it out of the water and all three judges were on their feet after. Ne-Yo gave out his first 100 of the competition, and J.Lo and Derek gave a 98 to VPEEPZ! 98.7 — that will be hard to beat!

Next up was Elektro Crew, who decided to decided to work with basketballs to show off their “ability to bounce back.” “The energy and adrenaline is running through you so much, that it makes things hectic,” Ne-Yo said. J.Lo agreed with him, adding that it wasn’t as clean. Elektro Crew got a 90, taking second place on the board.

Girl group JDC went next with the theme of girl power! Filled with epic scenes of empowering tricks and choreo, the ladies were beautiful on the stage. However, J.Lo added that she felt she was a little confused at times, and Ne-Yo agreed. The ladies still received a 91.3, putting them in 2nd on the leader board.

The Crazy 8‘s were next, the week after their dancer selective mute dancer Naia, said hi to J.Lo. The ladies decided they wanted to pay tribute to her breaking out of her shell during the competition. In their adorable outfits, Naia started on the stage alone, with her fellow dancers and friends joining her in the center. The judges were speechless at the end! “The dancing is so exceptional!” Derek complimented. “Quality work!” Ne-Yo added. The Crazy 8’s scored a total of 92.3, putting them in second place on the leaderboard and knocking out the Elektro Crew.

Whacking group Get Down District went next, but the crew has never received over an 89, so they were in a tough position! “It felt a little too elementary,” Derek said. The ladies sadly scored an 88 and didn’t make it up on the top of the leader board. J.Lo gave them great advice, telling them to “Keep going, keep going, and then one day you will get everything you want.”

Dancetown Divas was the last group of the night, coming off their big Redemption Round win. The ladies added some Voguing into their routine with the elements of ballroom, and Jenna Dewan helped them achieve that sass. Dressed in their Madonna-inspired suits, we saw an all-new Dancetown Divas on the World Of Dance stage! The ladies put on a full production while keeping in their salsa roots. “Probably your best routine you’ve done so far!” J.Lo told them. Ne-Yo, while he loved the routine, commented that because the ladies were wearing white gloves, it’s very easy to see who is off. Needing higher than a 91.3, Dancetown Divas received a strong 93.3, moving them on in the competition and knocking out JDC!

We can’t wait to see all of these incredible groups back in the Divisional Finals! Tune in next Sunday, 4/21, at 8 PM ET for another round of The Cut!

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