Allan Mubiru: “In Germany, I gained enormous experience on international collaboration”

They are currently implementing the programme and over 30.000 households have benefited so far. Furthermore, Allan Mubiru is facilitating the development of partnerships between the German solar company Little Sun and Rwandan and Ugandan businesses to increase the dissemination of solar lamps. Such lamps create access to cost-efficient and climate-friendly lighting solutions. One goal is to provide better learning conditions for pupils through solar lighting.

With the German Xaver Kitzinger Mubiru has started a sustainable coffee value chain business called which retails fully made Rwandan coffee in Germany.

How was your experience in Germany? What was positive and what of this was useful for your further career and your projects?

Allan Mubiru: My stay in Germany came with a breadth of both professional and private experiences.

Professionally I gained enormous experience on the climate finance topic and international collaboration. Specifically, I learned about the existence of huge untapped cooperation potential between young professionals from the East African region and our German counterparts. It further underlined the partnership potential that exists between German and African enterprises in the sustainable development and energy efficiency and renewable energy space.

Privately, I had valuable lessons about the German social-cultural, economic and political systems, norms and values and the general way of life: I had the chance to obverse the 2013 German federal election – which to my experience was a big contrast of political maturity. Secondly, my German stay made me fully appreciate efficiency and time as very valuable resources – in Uganda when you mention modern day Germany, people immediately reflect efficiency, quality and time management which I bore witness to during my stay.

Tell us about the projects you are involved in!

Allan Mubiru: I am currently working on the following undertakings:

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