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Amazon Prime Day 2021 deals: Best cameras, backdrops, tripods and more studio gear

  • June 22, 2021

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Amazon Prime Day 2021: How to find the best deals

Deals galore and top tips and tricks to help you master Amazon’s sale.

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Whether you want to be the next big YouTube star or you’re just required to show your face in Zoom meetings, it’s time to upgrade your video hardware. In this guide, we locate some of the better items that are on sale for Prime Day. Some of these are finds just because all video gear has been in short supply due to the pandemic. Some of these are genuinely good deals no matter what the current events.

The bottom line is this: if you’re doing video, you need more than just your smartphone. You’ll need sound, lighting, a place to put your camera, possibly a new camera, a tripod, and various mounts, backdrops, and accessories. 

Go for it! And when you produce some exciting YouTube videos, let us know in the comments below.

Listings are a little sparse heading into Monday night, but we have a bunch more coming Tuesday morning!

ZOHULU 4K Camcorder

Save 65%

This is a Lightning Deal that begins on Monday 6/21/21 at 11:45 AM PDT and ends on Monday 6/21/21 at 5:45 PM PDT.

So why would you want an old-school camcorder instead of a smartphone or DSLR camera? I’ve been actually eying this up, and I have a bunch of iPhones, iPads, and DSLRs I use every day. Why? Because it’s an inexpensive way to get an auxiliary camera with HDMI output into the switcher. If you want an inexpensive camera that will capture 4K or switch in establishing shots, this is a good option.

$208 at AMAZON

Neewer C-stand

Save 42%

This is a Lightning Deal that begins on Monday 6/21/21 at 4:45PM PDT and ends on Monday 6/21/21 at 10:45PM PDT.

C-stands are incredibly versatile studio mounting gear. It’s important that you properly sandbag the legs, especially the one on the opposite side of the boom. Watch some YouTube videos from pros to get it right before putting this into service.

$94 at Amazon

Neewer 6×9 White Backdrop

Save 58%

This is a Lightning Deal that begins on Monday 6/21/21 at 2:45PM PDT and ends on Monday 6/21/21 at 8:45PM PDT.

That’s actually a white backdrop. We adjusted the levels and contrast in our image so you could see it in the product shot, because white-on-white just doesn’t display particularly well on-screen. This is a great backdrop if you want a very simple and clean background to your videos or photos.

$11 at Amazon

Amazon Prime Day 2021

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