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Berlin church skeleton ‘Star Wars’ Christmas service

  • December 14, 2015

Christmas and Star Wars aren’t dual things that mostly go palm in palm – generally in Advent church services.

But  at 10am on Sunday 20th December, a special use is set to take place in a Zion Church in Berlin Mitte.

The theme? Star Wars Episode VI: Return of a Jedi.

The use will embody scenes from a film with song to match, Berlin Stadtmitte Evangelical Church told DPA on Monday.

Trainee pastors Lucas Ludewig and Ulrike Garve came adult with a idea.

“We are holding a Star Wars ceremony use on a 4th Sunday of Advent in Berlin Mitte… #lovestrangersyoumust #starwars”

But what links Star Wars to a Christmas celebration?

“In a wilful stage of Episode VI, Luke Skywalker is being swayed to join a Emperor’s side – a immorality side,” Ludewig explained.

“Luke resists, with a words: we will never spin to a Dark Side.”

This corresponds with a Bible verse:  “Don’t let immorality conquer you, though conquer immorality by doing good.”

But it’s expected that many revolutionary Star Wars fans might skip a service, as it comes only dual days after a recover of a newest part in a array on Dec 17th.

By then, a truest Force supporters might good be twisted adult in bed recuperating from marathon queueing sessions to get into a beginning showings.


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