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Call For Papers: GSA 2016 panel: Theodor Fontane: Aesthetic, Rhetoric, Politics

  • December 28, 2015




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Abstracts for this row during a 40th Annual Conference of a German Studies Association (GSA), Sep 29 – Oct 2, 2016, San Diego, CA, can be sent until Jan 25, 2016.

The personal, it is said, is political, and this proverb could be practical as an epigraph to most of Theodor Fontane’s work. In several ways, his novels uncover how apparently teenager aspects of personal knowledge such as tiny speak or consumer choices are connected to broader social, political, and chronological structures. As textual representations, such sum also simulate cultured choices.

This row aims to try a enigma of aesthetics, language, and politics in Fontane’s writings. From sincere domestic discussions in Der Stechlin to a politics of self-presentation in Frau Jenny Treibel, from a relapse of communication and a fabrication of art in Irrungen, Wirrungen to a purpose of portrayal in L’Adultera, Fontane’s works underscore both a domestic measure fundamental in debate and representation, as good as a cultured and controversial measure of politics.

Proposals are invited for papers on any aspect of this sequence in Fontane’s writings. The organizers generally acquire new and theoretically sensitive approaches. Please contention abstracts of no some-more than 400 difference to John Lyon (jblyon(at) and Brian Tucker (tuckerb(at) by Jan 25, 2016.

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