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Mail use stops some deliveries to ‘risky’ Berlin area

  • November 24, 2016

A DHL orator told news group DPA on Wednesday that a association has asked certain people who live in a Wedding community to collect adult their packages during a DHL Express hire in Wilmersdorf instead, observant that this process has usually been practical in a few removed cases.

The orator serve explained that DHL will ask recipients in a destiny to also collect adult their packages when it is necessary.

Local Berlin media had reported on Wednesday about a stoppage, with newspapers like a Berliner Kurier essay about “no-go” areas.

Tagesspiegel had reported that certain equipment like laptops and smartphones had been stolen during deliveries, quoting a DHL mouthpiece who pronounced that carriers had been threatened and attacked.

But DHL told DPA that it was cases of rascal that were a many concerning.

“The priority here is a reserve of a couriers and of a deliveries that are given to us,” a association said.

“It is especially about attempted fraud,” pronounced a spokesman, referring to when people secretly poise as a target of packages.

The orator did not wish to criticism on reports by other Berlin media outlets of aroused attacks on carriers, observant usually that there had been reduction than a handful of such instances.

The DHL Express use is essentially used by businesses to broach profitable equipment during bound times. DHL’s unchanging use will continue to move packages directly to recipients, or leave them during a neighbour’s residence or a circuitously post bureau when they are not during home.

The centrally-located Wedding is mostly characterized as being a “problem neighbourhood” by German media, famous for carrying aloft than normal rates of joblessness and gratification recipients.

Berlin military declined to criticism on a relations risk of a neighbourhood, indicating instead to their statistics, which uncover that within a larger district of Mitte, it has a reduce magnitude of crime altogether than circuitously traveller heart Alexanderplatz and a some-more residential Moabit, though comparatively high rates of spoliation and assault.

Local politicians and military reacted strongly to initial reports of “no-go” areas in Wedding.

“There are nothing of these ‘no-go’ areas,” a Berlin military orator told The Local. “Police consistently follow each rapist offense, no matter where they happen.”

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