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Secret iPhone hardware upgrade Apple doesn’t want you to have

  • August 01, 2021

Here’s a really cool hardware hack for your iPhone XR, iPhone 11, or iPhone 12 that adds built-in dual nano-SIM support.

Dual nano-SIM support is not available on iPhones outside of China. Instead, those markets offer a single physical SIM with support for a second eSIM.

But YouTuber Hugh Jeffreys got thinking. What if you changed the SIM reader and tray in a regular iPhone for one from a Chinese iPhone.

Surely it wouldn’t work.

But it did.

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The process is quite involved and requires removing the display, but once you’re inside, it’s all pretty plain sailing.

Here’s a video detailing the upgrade.

Note that just because this works now, this hack might be blocked from working by future iOS updates.

If you’d like dual physical SIMs in your iPhone but don’t fancy taking it apart and making changes that are likely to affect warranty, then take a look at the adapters that SIMore has to offer. They offer both a dual-SIM and quadruple-SIM adapter for the latest iPhones. They’re not as elegant a solution, but they work.

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