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The best fitness rings of 2023: Expert tested

  • March 18, 2023

Tech specs: Sizing: 6-13 | Material: Durable titanium and PVD coating | Colors: Silver, black, stealth, gold, rose gold | Water resistance: Up to 328 feet | Sensors: Heart rate, blood oxygen, PPG, skin temperature, 3D accelerometer | Connectivity: Bluetooth Low-Energy, Airplane Mode | Battery: Up to 7 days

The Oura Ring is currently one of the most successful fitness rings on the market, offering four different color options and various sizes to choose from.

What makes it the best smart ring is its exceptional sleep tracking. It provides insightful data that surpasses what you would receive from a Fitbit or the best smart rings. For instance, it displays your HRV balance, temperature changes during sleep (which can be used to predict menstrual cycles), blood oxygen levels, and the duration of each sleep stage.

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In addition to its impressive sleep tracking, the Oura Ring also excels in activity tracking. It monitors your steps, calories burned (including active calories), heart rate during exercise, and training volume. When comparing its activity tracking to that of a Garmin Vivomove Sport watch, the Oura Ring was within 200 steps of Garmin’s tracked steps.

Review: Oura Ring Gen 3 Horizon: Same features, no more flat spot

In 2022, Oura introduced the Horizon model, which removes the flat spot at the top of the ring to make it entirely round like a regular ring.

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