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Trial starts of male who stabbed perfume mayor

  • April 15, 2016

Frank S., 44, has been in military control given he was arrested during a stage of a conflict on a eve of Henriette Reker’s choosing in October.
The impoverished residence painter stands indicted of attempted murder and causing disgusting corporeal harm.

At a opening of his trial, a think affianced to tell a justice in Düsseldorf about his motives.

He minute his appearance in a worried stage in Bonn in a 1990s and described himself as a “rebel with regressive values,” though denied being a Nazi.

Prosecutors contend a bloody conflict was encouraged by his antithesis to what he deemed a “wrong policy” of Chancellor Angela Merkel’s supervision to take in vast numbers of refugees.

Reker, who was formerly in assign of using interloper services in Cologne, was pounded while she was campaigning during a marketplace square.

She subsequently won a internal elections while recuperating from her wounds in hospital.

The conflict repelled Germany during a time of flourishing multiplication over a government’s preference to open the doors to people journey fight and misery, with some-more than one million arrivals final year alone.

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