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VIDEO: tyro brief will move tears to your eyes

  • December 19, 2015

Two brothers retrace their girl by a imperishable hills, glens and plateau of a north-west of Scotland.

In a busted residence they share a dram of Johnnie Walker whiskey from aged burst glasses. The mood is insinuate though saddening as a anecdotist urges “be nearby me, beam me, always stay beside me so we can be free.”

This judgment suggests all is not well, and seen by to a end, a 90-second film, done as a plan for a Baden-Württemberg Film Academy, does indeed have a prick in a tail.

The tension of a advert, patrician “Dear Brother” and destined by students Daniel Titz and Dorian Lebherz, has clearly struck a chord, as it has already been noticed over 2 million times on Youtube given it was published on Monday.

Critics have also been full of praise. Advertising consultant Markur Sekulla described it as “the many relocating advert of this Christmas period” , adding that it was “more than a nose length improved than the acclaimed Edeka advert” that overwhelmed on a likewise dim theme.

Adweek duration asked either it was a best tyro work ever made.

“This vivid Johnnie Walker spec ad from Germany explores that judgment in rarely noted fashion—delivering one of a many manly punch lines of a year,” a attention journal writes.

Speaking to Adweek Lebherz pronounced We wanted to emanate a story that touches a spectator within 90 seconds. we consider when something touches you, we keep it in mind.

“So, one day we had a thought of dual brothers visiting a places of their girl for a final time together. The Scottish landscape and a code felt ideal for this situation,” he added.

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