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Christina Milian’s Sister Danielle Begs ‘Botched’ Doctors To Fix Stomach Scars & Uneven Breasts

  • March 12, 2019

Christina Milian’s little sis is going under the knife. After her pregnancy and several unsuccessful surgeries, she’s turning to the doctors on ‘Botched’ for help tightening up her tummy and evening out her breasts.

Fans may know Danielle Milian for her work as a celebrity hairstylist, or as Christina Milian’s little sister, but they’re going to become even more acquainted with her when she appears on television series Botched on March 13. The 33-year-old is looking to dramatically transform her body, and is seeking help from the show’s well-known doc, Terry Dubrow. Before the episode aired, E! shared a sneak peak on what to expect, and Danielle is about get some major updates on her bod.  “I welcome new scars if they help get rid of all the old ones with the negative connotations,” she said in the episode preview as the doctor planned out her tummy tuck. “My stomach looks like I’ve been stabbed, she added, explaining why she’s seeking help.

Those “negative” connotations Danielle mentioned stem from a previous pregnancy, and are a big part of the reason she wants her excess skin gone. Her current scars are a painful reminder of her late son Richie Bear, who died at birth in 2015. Her son was diagnosed with omphalocele, a life-threatening condition where organs form outside the body. Now, four years later, she’s ready to be rid of the constant reminder of the emotional trauma she and her husband, Richard Dickerson, endured.

In addition to her stomach, Danielle is hoping doctors can help fix her uneven breasts as well. Overall, the surgeon seemed positive about about his ability to help Danielle get her dream body. “There’s the abdominal wall muscles, which have been dramatically separated due to pregnancy and gastric sleeve surgeries,” noted Dr. Dubrow. “How do you feel about a scar that goes hip-to-hip but is low?” he asked, before Danielle said that would be fine. He went on to explain that she’s actually in better shape than he thought. “Even though on the surface Danielle’s surgical plan seems pretty straightforward, it’s anything but,” he revealed. “She’s had some really serious medical complications in the past so I really don’t know what I might find once I operate on her. And it could be much worse than I thought.” You can catch Danielle’s full episode when it airs Wednesday, March 13, on E!

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