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Scream VI’s New Synopsis Teases Jenna Ortega’s Expanded Role

  • February 01, 2023

The Scream franchise has been known for providing audiences with major twists. whether it means knowing where Ghostface is lurking or who the killer is behind the mask. When it was announced that Scream VI was in the works, that was a twist we all saw coming considering the last film hit a major box office milestone of making $100 million worldwide in less than three weeks. Now that the return of Ghostface is getting closer and closer, the sixth Scream’s new synopsis reveals what Jenna Ortega’s expanded role will be in it. 

Scream VI has taken a different route towards New York City in the hopes of starting over and staying far away from any masked killers. But as you can predict, Ghostface is hidden among the masses of New Yorkers. As revealed in the last Scream movie, Jenna Ortega’s Tara is the “final girl” of the next movie, along with her older half-sister Sam and two friends. Alamo Drafthouse Cinema revealed what we can expect from the horror franchise’s sixth installment, with the Wednesday star having quite a prominent role in this.

As the survivors of the recent attack in Woodsboro travel to New York City for college, Tara, our final girl, begins to experience manic psychological breakdowns while seeing the ghosts of past killers. Meanwhile, her sister, Sam, attempts to manipulate her by pretending to be Ghostface. But when their plan goes wrong, three new masked killers appear on the scene, leaving the question of who will survive and who will be the final victim left to be answered.

It’s a fascinating turnaround of what’s happening with Scream VI. In the last movie, you got the impression that Sam was going to be the Sydney Prescott of this generation. Then you find out that Sam is actually the illegitimate daughter of the first-ever Scream villain, Billy Loomis. As the Scream VI trailer showed Sam holding the bloody white-faced mask, this poses the question of whether the good-natured Sam simply starts off as “pretending” to be Ghostface, or could she end up being on the list of Scream villains next? While that would be a unique surprise, Scream villains tend to be less obvious which helps further intensify the scare factor.

It’s no wonder that Jenna Ortega has a big role in the next Scream movie. Not only did she do a phenomenal job playing Tara in the fifth Scream film, but she’s been getting positive reception playing Wednesday Addams in Netflix’s dark comedy series Wednesday. She even got nominated at the 2023 Golden Globes for Best Actress in a Musical or Comedy series. So broadening her role for Scream VI is bound to draw in more of her fans. The 20-year-old actress expects us to see a change in her character by interacting more with other characters, as well as further her personality beyond being the damsel in distress.

Another thing we can look forward to for Scream VI is seeing a lot of throwback characters resurfacing in this already large cast. Neve Campbell may not be one of them, but Hayden Panetierre is back as Kirby, who survived in the fourth film. We also see Courteney Cox return as Gale Weathers, who appears as a full force ready to take on Ghostface yet again. Not to mention, Scream VI‘s gore factor will be “going all out.” With so many victims in this one, that’s a given. A major change in Scream VI we can be excited about is seeing a more “grittier” and “raw” version of Scream than we’ve ever seen before. 

Knowing we’ll be catching more of Jenna Ortega in the next Scream movie gives me more reasons to be excited about what’s to come. With the stakes being high in New York City and being stuck in a subway filled with masked killers, allow me to add this upcoming horror film to my watchlist. See if you can veer away from Ghostface’s blade (or rather, shotgun) in Scream VI when it comes to theaters on March 10th.

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