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The Addams Family: 10 Creepy And Kooky Behind-The-Scenes Facts About The Movie

  • August 08, 2020

It Took 20 Weeks To Shoot The Movie After Multiple Setbacks Including A Fainting Director

Getting The Addams Family ready for its November 1991 theatrical release was no easy task, especially when you consider all the setbacks the production endured before it could even enter post-production leading up to its premiere. 

The first major obstacle the crew had to overcome was the fainting spell experienced by director Barry Sonnenfeld a few weeks into the shoot. If that wasn’t bad enough, the original director of photography left for another job not long after that and his replacement was rushed to the hospital with a serious sinus infection. To top it all off, the Los Angeles Times, who wrote an extensive profile on the production, revealed that Orion Pictures, which funded the movie, sold the picture to Paramount in the middle of shooting, causing more confusion and delays.

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