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Tiny & T.I.’s Daughter Heiress, 2, Gets Shy With Santa During 1st TV Interview — Watch

  • December 21, 2018

Heiress is a sassy two-year-old who is crazy confident in front of the camera, but she got shy around Santa on Dec. 21. See her super cute reaction to St. Nick here!

Heiress Harris, 2, is usually such a ham! The adorable toddler always cracks fans up when Tiny, 43, and T.I., 38, post videos of her antics on Instagram, whether she’s spelling her name in a song or showing off her dance moves — but on Dec. 21, we got to see a new side of Heiress. The little one was on TV One’s Sister Circle for her first television appearance. She and her mom were promoting her nail polish line The Royal Collection by Heiress Harris, but there was another guest on the show. Santa Claus! The holiday icon was dressed up in his signature red suit when he approached Heiress, and she was adorably shy and soft-spoken around him.

“I heard you got your own business,” he said to her. “You’re an entrepreneur! That’s a good thing. And guess what? Santa brought you something special.” He reached into his coat for something and said, “I didn’t know know you were going to be here, but I snuck something in anyway. This is Santa’s magic sticker. As long as you wear it, Santa know’s you’ve been good, okay?” Heiress solemnly said, “Okay,” and then thanked Saint Nick when he put the sticker on her red Christmas sweater. She looked so sweet and nervous, staring at him long after he’d ended their conversation and struck up another with a little boy.

She just sat on one of the host’s lap and watched him, looking oh so festive in a plaid skirt with white sneakers and a red flower in her hair.

My baby first real tv interview about her nail polish line The Royal Collection by Heiress Harris.. Great safe cruelty free vegan polish for the little ones this holiday. You can find it on Thank you @sistercircletv for having us! Thank to all for your support LOVE 🙏🏽👑💜

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Heiress isn’t the only kid who acts differently around Santa Claus. He’s a game-changer! So many famous little ones have screamed and cried when forced to sit on his lap for a pic. But judging by Heiress’ reaction here, she’d be more nervous than upset.

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