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“A vigilance to 
the people of Syria”

  • December 28, 2015

It could be one of a Bundeswehr’s biggest deployments. At a commencement of Dec 2015, a Bundestag authorized a deployment of German armed army as partial of a debate opposite a supposed Islamic State (IS) by a vast majority. 
Up to 1,200 German infantry are set to support a general fondness opposite a militant company and so to quell IS’s militant activities.

Reconnaissance, protecting roles and logistics are a areas in that Germany wishes to make a specific contribution. Satellite reconnoitering and Tornado reconnoitering flights aim to give an accurate design of a conditions on a ground. There is also a devise to muster a refuelling aircraft for aerial refuelling, a frigate to chaperon a French aircraft carrier, and crew for domicile and authority centres. With this Bundeswehr deployment, a Federal Government intends to send “a vigilance to a people of Syria,” explains Fed­eral Defence Minister Ursula von der Leyen. For Syrians, she claims, a general community’s organisation solve to quarrel 
IS and to work towards a ceasefire is of essential importance.

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