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Actor who performs in ‘Jesus Christ Superstar’ and as Michael Jackson charged in Jan. 6 Capitol riot

  • November 25, 2021

Some members of that mob “attacked officers in trying to gain entry into the Capitol, while yelling, ‘Take their shields,’ ‘Our house,’ and ‘We Want Trump!,'” the filing says. “Attackers assaulted officers using pepper spray, flagpoles, and numerous improvised weapons and projectiles.”

Authorities said Beeks was part of a group of “Stack One” members who split off after entering the Capitol Rotunda, then tried to force their way through a line of police officers guarding the hallway that led to the Senate chamber. That group was forcibly repelled, the filing says.

The other half of Stack One headed to the House of Representatives. One member of that splinter group later said they were looking for House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., according to the filing.

The filing notes that “Law enforcement located open source photographs of a person who appears to be Beeks wearing” the same “Bad” tour jacket that was seen on the person photographed during the Capitol riot.

The filing includes “photographs [that] were posted on Instagram on April 4, 2020, by a person who included the hashtag #jesuschristsuperstar.”

“According to an online cast listing, the person who posted the photographs on Instagram is an actor in a traveling production of the play Jesus Christ Superstar,” the filing says. “Beeks, under the stage name ‘James T. Justis,’ is also an actor in that same production.”

In an interview last month about “Jesus Christ Superstar,” Beeks talked about the show and its meaning.

“The same people that praised him – praised Jesus and supported him are the same people that tore him down,” Beeks said. “I feel a lot of reflection in our society today. And I think art imitates life.”

Beeks also talked about the character of Judas, who in the Gospels betrays Jesus to the Romans, who have him crucified.

He said in that interview with Equality 365 that Judas in the show is “more of a hero.”

“This production leaves us with a question about his role,” Beeks said. “I don’t look at it as Judas being a bad guy. I think he is a hero. I am honored to be the archetype of Judas and to give him a voice.”

“I want people to look at Judas in a different light and from different perspectives. He wasn’t a bad guy, and was only doing what he had to do,” he said.

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