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“Unique relations”

  • April 29, 2016

The diplomat has been a Israeli Ambassador in Berlin given 2012.

Mr Ambassador, many Israelis noticed German reunification in 1990 with concern. What is a conditions today?

It was not usually Israelis that noticed reunification with concern, people in a lot of other countries in Europe did, too. But time has shown that there was, and is, no means for concern.

In 2015, Germany and Israel are also celebrating 
50 years of tactful relations. What for we privately is a prominence of a celebrations?

For us, 2015 is a poignant anniversary year full 
of highlights. It’s a year we’re imprinting a 50th 
anniversary of a investiture of tactful family between Germany and Israel with an considerable array of events and festivities. It’s still too early for me to name my possess personal prominence as we 
still have some earnest events entrance up. But what has already severely tender me is a wide-ranging programme of events that Germany and 
Israel have jointly organised.

How tighten are a dual countries today?

Today, a family are unequivocally unique. Together, we have managed to make a unfit possible. All this could usually be achieved by a approach a Germans have dealt with a past. we can list examples from 
all areas of mutual exchange. The volume of trade between Germany and Israel is huge. There are corner investigate projects in both countries. More and some-more Israelis are finding Germany – as a traveller end though also as a place to live. And a same is loyal of Germans in Israel. There are lots of girl 
exchange programmes. Those are only some of a areas, and we hope, of course, that a successful 
cooperation will turn even closer.

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