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Spain football players resign in protest over national team head coach

  • September 23, 2022

Fifteen players from Spain’s national side have resigned in protest over Jorge Vilda remaining head coach.

The Spanish FA (RFEF) said they had received emails from the players stating their intention to resign if Vilda was not fired, saying that playing under the head coach was “significantly affecting their emotional state” and health.

The RFEF rebuked the demand in a statement, explaining: “The federation will not allow the players to question the continuity of the national coach and its coaching staff, as those are not their responsibilities.

“These types of manoeuvres are harmful and are not within the values of football and sports.”

The statement went on to claim that under Spanish legislation the association could ban the 15 players for between two and five years for their actions. It said the RFEF would not seek to actually impose such a punishment but would not consider the players for selection until they “admit their mistake and ask for forgiveness”.

This is the second controversy the RFEF have been embroiled in September after a referees’ strike saw the opening weekend of the newly rebranded Liga F postponed.

The officials, still under the auspices of the RFEF, had sought higher renumeration of their services in line with the enhanced pay packets for players, coaches and teams who joined Liga F under the LaLiga umbrella.

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